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Did you know you can eat your way to an increased performance run, yes really! Rich in vitamins B and C and beta-carotene it’s the nitrates in beetroot that improve blood flow and maximise oxygen delivery to your muscles and … Continued


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Start your training with realistic achievable goals, this will help you to stay motivated. Rest and recovery is an extremely important part of a balanced fitness regime and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Have you heard the phrase. “To make an … Continued


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You may doubt the importance of a good warm, but protecting your muscles and joints by warming up is less painful and cheaper then having to see a sports injury therapist. So no excuses just do it! This shouldn’t be … Continued


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It really is all about the beats per minute when it comes to exercise.   Music enhances your performance and can be great way of engaging fully in your physical activity, this works by means of attention diversion. By focusing … Continued


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Boxercise classes are very popular at the moment, they offer a full body work out, can reinforce your core whilst building overall body strength, tone and result in inch loss from problem areas. If done correctly that is, all Boxercise … Continued