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You may doubt the importance of a good warm, but protecting your muscles and joints by warming up is less painful and cheaper then having to see a sports injury therapist. So no excuses just do it!

This shouldn’t be a pre workout and can be as simple as standing with your feet hip width apart.

Lift just the heel of one foot, come up on to the ball of your foot and toes.

As you lower the heel back down, come up on to the ball and toes of the other foot. Use your muscles to push your body weight up onto the ball and toes of each heel being raised, so your whole body is lifting up with each heel.

Lift your arms up to shoulder height in time with your stationary steps. Swinging one up to the front of you and one to the back in an alternating motion. Try to get the body to stretch into the movements.

So your basically walking on the spot but in a slow, controlled stretching motion.
Keep your shoulders down away from your ears, your tail bone in and head upright to help and keep your back straight. Repeat for 3-5 minutes.

You might want to make circles with your hips, make full circular motions with just your shoulders, then rotating the arms in circles. Ensure you change the direction of your rotations, after you’ve completed so many in one direction.

Do a full body stretch, come up onto your toes and reach up with your arm, as if trying to get something from off a top shelf directly over your head….really reach and stretch through the body. Keep your shoulders down and head forward.

From this you can move into some knee ups or some on the spot walking, you’ll know when your ready to begin your exercise. The idea is not break a sweat but just feel like your body has become more flexible, pliable, less rigid and as it says on the tin, warm.