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My clients are always asking me how to accommodate a healthy diet with in their busy lifestyles. They await a magic wand solution from me, when actually the cold hard truth is that there isn’t a magic wound answer.


The question that really needs to be asked is how much you care and value your self and your health to be worth investing the time in to be better, healthier and intern reap the rewards of being stronger fitter, sleeping better, gaining more energy and more balanced positive moods.


The real secret is, fail to plan, plan to fail.


You may often need to think about what your schedule includes for the next day and how you can overcome any mealtime challenges that may be posed. You may need to pre-prepare a meal, which could mean making a larger evening meal and putting some away for the following day, making something from scratch that you can look forward to eating, or putting together some ingredients that could be made up on location, like a chicken and Avocado salad for example. Hot food counters in supermarkets always have pre-cooked chicken available and as for the other ingredients you can either prepare before you leave your home or prep on location, in your workplace kitchen for example.


I’ve uploaded one of my mealtime plan favourites to get you off to a great start and offer some inspiration
mealtime plan favourites

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